The University of Queensland's Gatton Vocational Education Centre (UQ-GVEC) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Number 1511) located at the UQ Gatton Campus and is a Centre wholly under the University of Queensland and operates under the Faculty of Science.

The primary role of UQ-GVEC is to offer a range of applied rural educational programs and courses that are innovative and not traditionally offered by the University of Queensland. Our level of delivery ranges from a Certificate Level 1 to the Advanced Diploma (AQF 6) and we are nationally accredited.

Our engagement model is designed to provide aspirational opportunity, for example to high school students, who may not undertake the traditional entry OP model and seek to undertake vocational level qualifications for a career pathway. We also offer a pathway towards the higher education sector subject to your specific entry requirements.

The centre incorporates three operational platforms:

  1. Internal teaching – via provision of various Certificate Level III and IV qualifications aligned to Academic programs such as Veterinary Technology and Wildlife.
  2. External teaching - through the delivery of rural qualifications and skills sets associated with programs customised to meet industry needs, primarily in remote or regional parts of Queensland including;
    - High Schools Programs (Certificates II and III);
    - Prisons Programs across Queensland (Certificates I to III).
  3. Professional development – through provision of ‘fee-for-service’ customised short courses delivered within the Gatton Campus or commercial delivery through grants or funding sourced from Government and private sectors;

UQ-GVEC employs a core fixed-term staff of approximately 15 and a casual pool of more than 30 staff including senior academics and vocational training staff.

UQ-GVEC is currently registered to deliver 33 qualifications to an Advanced Diploma (AQF6) within the rural training packages:

  • AHC10 Conservation and Land Management;
  • AHC10 Rural Production;
  • AHC10 Amenity Horticulture; and
  • ACM10 Animal Care and Management.

Operationally, the Centre has grown significantly in recent years. UQ-GVEC is working towards matching this performance and growth rate with the provision of superior quality training and meaningful models of delivery and engagement, which combine ‘Science with Practice’.