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UQ Skills Student Handbook

UQ Skills has developed a Student Handbook to address and establish our commitment to the maintenance of high standards in the provision of vocational education and training. The Handbook contains information about course offerings, application and enrolment processes, fees and funding, assessment processes, student support services and student rights and responsibilities, complaints and appeals, grievances and refunds and graduation information. 

The Student Handbook includes all policies and procedures and it is a requirement that all students have read the Handbook. Download a copy of the UQ  Skills 2019 Student Handbook (PDF, 4.3MB) here.


Download the Expression of Interest Form (PDF) if you are interested in enrolling in one of our courses. Return the form to our office and simply email us at

UQ Skills 2019 Programs Guide

Information about all the courses that UQ Skills offers can be found on this website, or in our Programs Guide. Courses include our full-time diploma program and many Certificate programs. We also offer Certificate IV programs that complement many degree offerings in the UQ Faculty of Science. Information about all our programs can be found in the 2019 Programs Guide (PDF, 4.3MB). 

USI Information

What is a USI?

If you're studying nationally recognised training in Australia from 1 January 2015, you will be required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Your USI links to an online account that contains all your training records and results (transcript) that you have completed from 1 January 2015 onwards. 

When applying for a job or enrolling in further study, you will often need to provide your training records and results (transcript). One of the main benefits of the USI is the ability to provide students with easy access to their training records and results (transcript) throughout their life.

You can access your USI account online from your computer, tablet or smart phone anytime. For further information regarding your USI or how to create a USI go to:

Complaints Policy

If a student wishes to lodge a complaint, they (or their nominated representative) will need to initially make a formal or informal approach to the trainer/assessor. This complaint will be forwarded to the training coordinator and/or centre director and recorded in writing. If, however, the complaint involves the student’s trainer/assessor, the student (or their nominated representative) will need to make a formal or informal approach to the training coordinator and/or centre director.

Using the email,, where possible you will need to send the UQ Skills director the following information:

o    the circumstances surrounding the situation

o    date and location of occurrence

o    the parties involved in the situation

o    why a complaint is being lodged

o    any evidence to support your complaint

o    the name/s of any witnesses who can support your claim.

All attempts will be made by UQ Skills to resolve the complaint internally with all parties involved. If, however, the grievance/complaint cannot be resolved, UQ’s Student Grievance Resolution – Policy includes a process to be followed for resolving a range of issues. The UQ Union (Student Union) is also available to assist and advocate on your behalf. For more information:

o    Grievance:

o    UQ Union:

Students also have the option to seek assistance from the Australia Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). If you have been unable to resolve the issue with UQ Skills, you may be able to submit a complaint to ASQA: phone 1300 701 801, email or visit their website

Appeals Policy

The appeals process applies to all and to any aspect of UQ Skills' decisions or advice relating to an outcome, result or decision that has been issued via a transcript or communicated advice to the individual recipient or student.

Appeals are then applicable when the individual recipient or student does not agree with the final decision, outcome or determination. For example, in the case of a training assessment outcome, when an assessment has been made and the student has been deemed Not Competent (NC), the student may not agree with this decision and therefore may appeal the determination.

An appeal and reassessment process is an integral part of all training and assessment pathways leading to a nationally recognised qualification or Statement of Attainment under the qualification.

A fair and impartial appeals process is made available to the student. If you wish to appeal your assessment result, first discuss the issue with the trainer/assessor. If you would then still like to proceed further with the request, you must make a formal request in writing that outlines the reason(s) for the appeal, including the reasons you believe your assessment result is incorrect or unfair. This should be forwarded to your training coordinator (or UQ Skills director), who will implement a formal process and record the appeal in writing.

UQ Skills’ time period for the acceptance of appeals is 30 days after you have been issued with the results of your assessment or advice indicating a refusal. Feedback in writing will be provided within four weeks after the appeal has been lodged.

Each person lodging an appeal has an opportunity to formally present their case. In the first instance the appeal will be reviewed via their training coordinator. The response to each appeal will provide the student with a written statement of the appeal outcomes, including the reason for the decision.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you can request to discuss the matter with the UQ Skills director and have the decision reviewed. Should the outcome of this process not be acceptable, you can escalate the matter to be reviewed by the CEO of UQ Skills.

Should all attempts via UQ Skills fail to satisfy your appeal, you may lodge a complaint with ASQA: phone 1300 701 801, email or visit their website

VET Student Loans

Students applying for a VET Student Loan for eligible programs need to clearly understand the requirements and obligations entered into between all parties. VET Student Loan information is available at the Study Assist website and from UQ Skills.

VET Student Loan students must supply a valid Tax File Number (TFN) with their enrolment form. Students who do not have a TFN number must apply for one through the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Failure to supply UQ-GVEC with a TFN or a Certificate of Application for a TFN on or before the census date will result in cancellation of enrolment.

Disclaimer: Details are correct at the time of upload and are subject to change. UQ Skills reserves the right to change programs, subjects or costs or to cancel a program based on consideration of student numbers and resource allocation. Ensure that you understand the program, subjects, associated costs and fee liability prior to signing an enrolment form. RTO #1511