ACM40412 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing - superseded

ACM40412 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing 

The ACM40412 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing is being taught to currently enrolled students.  All new students from 2019 will be enrolled in the training package ACM40418 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Contact UQ Skills if you have any questions about your enrolment.

The Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing (ACM40412) has been offered through UQ Skills (formerly UQ-GVEC) as an additional optional qualification for those students enrolled in the UQ Bachelor of Veterinary Technology.

Program overview

  • ACMGAS202A Participate in workplace communications
  • ACMGAS204A Feed and water animals
  • ACMGAS205A Assist in health care of animals
  • ACMGAS208A Source information for animal care needs
  • ACMVET201A Carry out veterinary nursing reception duties
  • ACMVET202A Carry out daily clinic routines
  • ACMVET203A Assist with surgery preparation
  • ACMINF301A Comply with infection control policies and procedures in animal work
  • ACMWHS301A Contribute to workplace health and safety processes
  • ACMVET401A Coordinate patient admission and discharge
  • ACMVET402A Apply imaging routines
  • ACMVET403A Perform clinic pathology procedures
  • ACMVET404A Perform clinic office procedures
  • ACMVET405A Carry out surgical nursing routines
  • ACMVET406A Nurse animals
  • ACMVET407A Carry out medical nursing routines
  • ACMVET408A Coordinate and perform theatre routines
  • ACMVET409A Provide specific animal care advice
  • ACMVET410A Carry out veterinary dental nursing routines

Elective units – four to be chosen from the list below during consultation with trainer/assessor

  • ACMSPE304A Provide basic care of dogs
  • ACMSPE305A Provide basic care of domestic  cats
  • ACMMIC401A Implant microchip in cats and dogs
  • ACMVET413A Develop and implement specific clinic policies
  • ACMSPE302A Provide basic care of birds
  • ACMSPE310A Provide basic care of mammals
  • ACMSPE311A Provide basic care of non-venomous reptiles

How to apply

All new students from 2019 will be enrolled in the training package ACM40418 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Please contact us to find out more - email us at .

Unique Student Identifier (USI) 

All students must provide a Unique Student Identifier before their enrolment can be accepted.

See the UQ Skills Student Information page for details or download the UQ Skills 2019 Student Handbook (PDF, 4.3MB). Information about all our programs can be found in the 2019 Programs Guide (PDF, 4.3MB).

Disclaimer: Details are correct at the time of printing and are subject to change. UQ Skills reserves the right to change programs, subjects or costs or to cancel a program based on consideration of student numbers and resource allocation. Ensure that you understand the program, subjects, associated costs and fee liability prior to signing an enrolment form. RTO #1511



Three years


Gatton campus

Delivery mode

Internal or external

Entry requirements/prerequisites

Currently enrolled students will continue in this program, ACM40412. For students enrolling from 2019 onwards, this Certificate has been superseded by ACM40418 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Students must be enrolled in the UQ Bachelor of Veterinary Technology to apply.

This program is not available to international students.

Fees for Australian students

$3000 payable in instalments of $500 per semester. The first instalment is to be paid prior to commencement.



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Student Handbook

Refund and other UQ Skills policies are available in the UQ Skills 2019 Student Handbook (PDF, 4.3MB)