Rural Skills Training Workshops

UQ-GVEC Short Courses available in 2017

Operate Tractors

This course incorporates safe tractor operation principles, including procedures and guidelines, occupational health & safety and risk management.

Coordinate Machinery Equipment, Maintenance and Repair

This course demonstrates the principles of internal combustion engines including the identification of major components, 2- and 4-stroke engine cycles and servicing.

Perform Routine Manual Metal Arc Welding

This course incorporates Occupational Health & Safety, arc welding, electrodes, and butt and fillet welds.

Maintain and Operate Chainsaws

This course incorporates hazards, personal protection, safe operation of chainsaws, and scheduled maintenance.

Pesticide User Training

This course incorporates weed control, plant pests, diseases, disorders, chemical preparation/application, transport, storage, labels, SDS and recording.

Operate Quad Bikes

This course incorporates the safe operation of quad bikes in off-road conditions.

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)

Small Engines

Large Animal Handling


Short courses currently under development

  • Sustainabilty in Farming
  • Conservation and Land Management
  • Agricultural Business Operations
  • Agricultural Irrigation Systems
  • Pest Management
  • Artificial Insemination

Disclaimer: Details are correct at the time of printing and are subject to change. UQ-GVEC reserves the right to change programs, subjects or costs or to cancel a program based on consideration of student numbers and resource allocation. Ensure that you understand the program, subjects, associated costs and fee liability prior to signing an enrolment form.


Program Duration

Workshops run for two to three days.


All workshops are conducted at the University of Queensland Gatton Campus, unless stated otherwise.

Please contact UQ-GVEC to organise on-farm or workplace training.

Cost $450.00

Per person per course, with a minimum class size of seven particpants

Workshop costs vary depending on the duration of training and number of enrolments.


Three days per course*

*experienced professionals may be elgible for shorter delivery duration times

Group Bookings

Course prices vary for group bookings. Please contact UQ-GVEC to discuss bookings for large groups.

Code of Practice

Refund and other UQ-GVEC policies are available in the Code of Practice.