Rural Skills Training Workshops

UQ Skills - Rural Skills Training short courses 

Operate Tractors (AHCMOM202)

Safe tractor operation principles, including procedures and guidelines, occupational health and safety and risk management.

Operate Side by Side Utility Vehicles (AHCMOM206)

The workshop covers the skills and knowledge required to safely operate a side by side utility vehicle including undertaking pre-start checks and shut down procedures.

Operate Quad Bikes (AHCMOM217)

Safe operation of quad bikes in off-road conditions.

Operate Side by Side Utility Vehicles and Operate Quad Bikes (combined - AHCMOM216 and AHCMOM217 )

The workshop combines the skills and knowledge required to safely operate a side by side utility vehicle including undertaking pre-start checks and shut down procedures, alongside safe operation of quad bikes in off-road conditions.

Farm Ready Program (AHCWHS201, AHCMOM216 and AHCMOM217 )

This workshop areas of Farm Work Health and Safety (WHS) and hands-on skills acquisition with quad bikes (ATV's) and side by side vehicles (UTV's).

Maintain and Operate Chainsaws and Trim and Cut Felled Trees (combined - AHCMOM213 and FWPCOT2239)

This combined workshop covers the safe operation of chainsaws, scheduled maintenance, hazards and personal protection. It also covers the outcomes required to trim and cut felled trees with a chainsaw and to complete operator maintenance.

Perform Machinery Maintenance (AHCMOM302)

This worshop covers the skills and knowledge required to prepare, inspect, maintain and record maintenance requirements for machinery that is used in agriculture, horticulture, and conservation and land management work.

Pesticide User Training (AHCCHM307, AHCCHM304 and AHCPMG301)

Chemical preparation and application, weed control, plant pests, diseases and disorders, transport, storage, labels, SDS and recording.

Control Remote Pilot Aircraft (Drones) (AVIY3075)

Acquire the skills and knowledge needed to safely control a remote pilot aircraft system, including compliance with airspace requirements.

Large Animal Handling Workshop (non accredited)

This workshop will cover large animal care and handling; signs of stress; approaching and restraining animals safely; leading and handling for transport; and WHS. The workshop is specifically focused on existing employees working in the animal care and management sector.

Disclaimer: Details are correct at the time of printing and are subject to change. UQ Skills reserves the right to change programs, subjects or costs or to cancel a program based on consideration of student numbers and resource allocation. Ensure that you understand the program, subjects, associated costs and fee liability prior to signing an enrolment form. RTO #1511.


Program Duration

Workshops run for two to three days. Most workshops have an online theory component to be completed prior to your practical training.


All workshops are conducted at the University of Queensland Gatton Campus, unless stated otherwise.

Please contact UQ Skills to organise on-farm or workplace training.


Charges are per person per course, with a minimum class size of three and a maximum of eight participants.

Workshop costs vary depending on the duration of training and number of enrolments. Contact UQ Skills for more information.


Three days per course*

*experienced professionals may be eligible for shorter delivery duration times

Group Bookings

Course prices vary for group bookings. Please contact UQ Skills to discuss bookings for large groups.

2019 Student Handbook

Refund and other UQ Skills policies are available in the 2019 Student Handbook (PDF, 4.4 MB). 



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