Stock Feed Manufacturing Council of Australia Training

Stock Feed Manufacturing Council of Australia Training 

The SFMCA and University of Queensland is accepting enrolments for the Certificate in Advanced Feed Milling.

The SFMCA Training Committee has developed the training resource materials in conjunction with University of Queensland’s Gatton Vocational Educational Centre (UQ-GVEC). Six modules have been released and are available for trainees to enrol with GVEC (the Registered Training Organisation) operated by the University.

The training is flexible in allowing completion of either individual modules or the full course. Training provision is online using the UQ Blackboard external student system.

Employees complete the training at their own pace. They are required to complete training assessment tasks both by submitting to GVEC for assessment as well as on-site assessment projects.

The course consists of six modules.

Modules and topics for the SFMCA Feed Milling Manual

Module 1.  Introduction to feed milling

Topic 1 Introduction to Australian feed milling
Topic 2 Mill layout and design
Topic 3 Feed quality assurance
Topic 4 Safety in feed mills
Topic 5 Computerised (automated) systems

Module 2. Ingredient receival, handling and storage

Topic 1 Receival
Topic 2 Handling and storing bulk ingredients
Topic 3 Handling and storing packaged ingredients
Topic 4 Raw material storage and environmental control

Module 3. Particle size reduction

Topic 1 Introduction – grinding and why we do it
Topic 2 Hammer milling
Topic 3 Roller milling
Topic 4 Other techniques in particle size reduction

Module 4. Weighing, batching and mixing

Topic 1 Production sequencing and the batching process
Topic 2 Weighing and batching
Topic 3 Mixing
Topic 4 Hand tipped ingredients and premixes

Module 5. Pelleting

Topic 1 What is pelleting? Why do we pellet animal feeds?
Topic 2 Pelleting in the stock feed manufacturing process
Topic 3 Pelleting system overview
Topic 4 The Theory of Pelleting: (1) Introduction
Topic 5 Theory of Pelleting: (2) Construction, function and operation of pellet press
Topic 6 Steam and conditioning
Topic 7 Pellet quality
Topic 8 Pelleting system operation
Topic 9 Post-pellet processing
Topic 10 Ration composition and pellet quality
Topic 11 Computerised (Automated) Systems
Topic 12 Advances and alternatives in pelleting equipment

Module 6. Finished feed storage and handling

Topic 1 Quality assurance procedures for finished feeds
Topic 2 Finished feed dispatch and delivery


For further information or a brochure please feel free to contact UQ-GVEC Phone: +61 7 5460 1353 or via email