Stock Feed Manufacturing Council of Australia Training

Stock Feed Manufacturing Council of Australia Training - Pelleting Course

The SFMCA and University of Queensland in December 2015 announced that enrolment has opened for the Certificate in Advanced Feed Milling.

The SFMCA Training Committee has been developing the training resource materials in conjunction with University of Queensland’s Gatton Vocational Educational Centre (UQ-GVEC). The first module Feed Pelleting has been released and is ready for the first trainees to enrol with GVEC (the Registered Training Organisation) operated by the University.

Additional modules are being developed and will be progressively released.

The training is flexible in allowing completion of either individual modules or the full course. Training provision is online using the UQ Blackboard external student system.

Employees complete the training at their own pace. They are required to complete training assessment tasks both by submitting to GVEC for assessment as well as on-site assessment projects.

The course - The course consists of several modules. The first of these is on pelleting, and there are others in preparation on all other aspects of feed milling.

For further information or a brochure please feel free to contact UQ-GVEC Phone: +61 7 5460 1353 or via email or simply download the enrolment form.